About Zenelia

The start

The subtle but strong power and the natural grace that arise out of precious pearls ignited the idea and the creation of Zenelia Jewel. A lifetime love of the jewels' beauty and power of elegance resulted in an urge to share the happiness they bring.


We hope you will find a pearl jewellery piece that will hold a place in your moments and stories in your life, big or small.



Pearls symbolise purity, integrity and loyalty. Zenelia is the place where honesty and sincerity are fundamental principles. 

Be open-minded, respectful and stay humble

Pearl's beauty is subtle, the natural grace is sparkled from within, it never outshines, but it's forever admired.

Tolerance & Resilience

There is no lustrous beauty without embracing the attacking irritants. Be kind, accept and embrace challenges and differences to create unified grace.


The connection is built through love and dedication during each handcrafting process. All our pieces are designed at our Melbourne Studio and handmade with care.

Learn more about the composition, the elements and the materials of Zenelia's jewels here >

Discover the modern sophistication from the natural grace of pearls