Pearl Essentials

High-quality South Sea pearl, Akoya pearl and Freshwater pearls are entwined with solid 18k gold.

Classic and modern pearl necklaces, earrings and rings are created to build the Pearl Essentials Collection.

Sophisticated and elegant sets of classic pearl jewellery are incomparable with the unwavering beauty, simplistic designs and diverse styling options.

Whether dainty or ample, daywear or nightwear, it’s guaranteed that there are fine pearl jewellery pieces for all. 

Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

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Eye-catching gems sparkling tastefully amongst breathtaking pearls both diverse in size and origin, come together to create the Ripple Collection.

Designed with pearls in ascending or descending order these pieces bring a sense of purity and calming effects while it is also said to balance one's karma, the gentle transition between each of the Ripple products pearls resembles soft waves as they wash one's soul, mind and body to diminish negativity and welcome in positivity. 

This assortment of high-quality pearls incorporated with radiant gems and solid 18k gold to harmonise together perfectly for a unique and captivating jewellery collection.

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