Zenelia's Story

The subtle but strong power and the natural grace that arise out of precious pearls ignited the idea and the creation of Zenelia Jewel. A lifetime love of the jewels' beauty and power of elegance resulted in an urge to share the happiness they bring.

"I am a Chinese immigrant who first came to Australia almost 10 years ago. I created Zenelia Jewel for the memories of my grandmother, whose name 'ZhenLian' means 'pearl' and 'waterlily'. Grandma has dedicated her whole life to her five children (one passed away during China's cultural revolution in the '70s) and continues to offer her endless love to all of her grandchildren despite all that hardships, burdens and pains pushed onto the women of her generation. She is normal and ordinary, but she is the most extraordinary and strongest person that I have seen. 
That's the story of how a grand of sand turns into the most-loved gem of all time, the pearls."
——Founder & Creator of Zenelia Jewel, @Sophia_Zenelia


At Zenelia Jewel, we hope you will find a classic jewellery piece that will hold a place in your moments and stories in your life, big or small.

At Zenelia, we use the top quality sea pearls and freshwater pearls, including Japanese Akoya Pearls, Edison Freshwater Pearls and Australian South Sea Pearls. The pearls used are carefully hand-selected to guarantee that every piece of pearl jewellery at Zenelia will have strong lustre, the elegant overtone and with the most beautiful colours.

Some believe that wearing pearls offers protection and good luck. They also symbolise purity, integrity and loyalty. The pearls have always been timeless in style, and they are famous for their user to create beautiful classic jewellery piece.

Many people favour a piece of pearl jewellery set to wear as their daily
accessories for work, events and casual wear. This is mainly because of the lasting value that they have held for years. As well as their exceptional ability to flatter any style. Travelling with them through life’s moments and eventually passing them down to share their love and companionship through another’s life’s moments.

A handcrafted Pearl jewellery set is ideal for adding a gentle touch to your professional style. If you are gifting it to a young girl, then they are perfect to associate the perception of purity and humbleness early in life.