Our Elements - Precious Metals

We want every piece from us to be your long-lasting. We endeavour to strike that fine balance between the affordability for novel and edgy style for the trendsetters and the fine and classic elegance for pearl jewellery.

The precious metals are utilised in different ways throughout our designs to maximise the endurance and the varieties of designs. 

Pearls are no longer just the stranded piece in an old jewellery box, they are classic and elegant and at the same time, they can be dynamic and fun to work with for different styles and looks. 



Solid Gold

We use 18k solid gold for the pieces in our fine jewellery range 👉 Pearl Essentials & Ripples which are our classic pearl jewellery collections that include only the classic and timeless designs for pearls.

Solid gold will not suffer from tarnish due to its high concentration of pure gold which is a very stable metal. Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements. As we know that gold is very malleable, it may get scratches and wear marks after a period of time, avoid storing them with sharp objects. But a nice polish and care every once in a while will restore that shiny smooth surface! ✨💖💖

Gold-filled & Gold-plated

Most of our signature collections of our fashion jewellery range are made with gold-filled metal materials instead of carat gold for a more affordable but still durable and long-lasting effect and our seasonal collections utilised gold-plated metals to create various styles whiles maintain the affordability. 

14k gold-filled metal has the same appearances as 14k solid gold. It is more tarnish-resistant and has a thicker coating than gold plated materials. In most cases, individuals who are sensitive to metals won't have an allergic reaction to gold-filled materials. 

Collections with Gold-filled Materials:
We only work with the gold-plated materials with extra-thick layers to make sure that they are tarnish-resistant and will endure some levels of wear and tear.

    925 Sterling Silver

    Did you know that silver pieces thrive on them being touched on your skin? Give them consistent love! Silver will get oxidise if you leave it for a period of time. However, a bit of wipe down will restore their shine. 

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